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Mobile Coverage, a site dedicated to find out the best mobile phone network coverage in your area by post code. Mobile network reception varies within different parts of the UK and it is vital for you to check your network coverage before you choose your mobile tariff.  Here you can check Three mobile coverage and signal with our 3 mobile coverage checker, checking both 2g and 3g network coverage. You can also check other networks including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange and O2 network coverage.

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What is a virtual mobile network operator (MVNO)?

These are networks that provide mobile phone services but use the infrastracture of one or more of the big 5 network providers.

T-Mobile network infrastructure and coverage is used by: 


O2 network infrastructure and mobile coverage is used by: 

Tesco Mobile
- GiffGaff.

Orange network infrastructure and mobile coverage is used by:

- LycaMobile (LycaMobile also uses O2)

Vodafone network infrastructure and mobile coverage is used by:  

Talk Mobile 
Asda Mobile
Lebara Mobile 

Is 3G coverage the same as mobile coverage?

Mobile phone coverage relies on either 1G or 2G signals, whilst 3G Coverage covers the signal required for mobile broadband because 3G Coverage  is much faster. Because 3G Coverage  is new and requires more complex technology for it to run, it is more difficult to build good  coverage and strong coverage. Having good signal when it comes to calls  and text doesn't automatically mean that your internet browsing signal is strong too. You should check your mobile coverage strength and 3G Coverage  individually before you buy your handset. 3G is for data plans, mobile broadband plans and iPad contracts and  pay monthly iPad deals  

You can check 3G Coverage  in your area on our 3G coverage dedicated page

Who has the best mobile network coverage in the UK?

Mobile signal strength will continually fluctuate in different area. The chances of signal strength getting stronger is more likely that signal strenth reducing.  This is because different mobile phone operators are signing deals to share their networks, for example, the T-Mobile and Orange merge.

Use Free Sim to trial check mobile coverage?

All mobile networks offer free sim cards. This is a fantastic way to test out the mobile signal in your area

Vodafone FREE Sim Card                        3 FREE Sim Card
   T-Mobile FREE Sim Card                        O2 FREE Sim Card
         Orange FREE Sim Card                    GiffGaff FREE Sim Card
          Tesco Mobile FREE Sim Card         Virgin Mobile FREE Sim Card

Click here to check out our Free Sim Card dedicated page