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Check the 3 Network Coverage checker page to ensure there is good coverage in your area. Three Mobile used to have a reputation for not having good network coverage. However, as our mobile network comparison table shows, 3 Mobile coverage is much better than many assume - it has improved massively since its launch many years ago. In fact, 3 Mobile has approximately 1 million customers in the UK and that itself is testimony that they have decent coverage.

In essence, network coverage can be divided into 2g coverage and 3g coverage. 2g coverage is the coverage you would receive when making standard calls and text messages. 3g coverage utilises a different bandwidth and is used for mobile internet and utilises your inclusive data plan.

So how does 3 Mobile compare? 

3 Network Coverage %
2G Coverage 99%
3G Coverage 93%

Yes, in terms of calls and text messages, 99% of the UK is now covered so that's all the cities and towns in the UK that we know. However, the big suprise to some people will be that a staggering 93% of the UK is also covered by Three Mobile's 3G signal reception - making it the best for mobile internet coverage in the UK. With Three's all inclusive data packages, if you're a heavy mobile internet user, 3 Mobile really is an option worth consdering very seriously. Not only could you save £'s, but you'll also receive arguably the best mobile internet signal in the whole of the UK!


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