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The UK's best network coverage can be split to look at 3g network coverage and 2g network coverage. From our existing tables on then check 3g coverage page, it can be seen that in terms of 2g coverage, which is predominantly the network type used for calls and texts, all the networks listed have 99% coverage. However, the difference lies in 3g coverage where the networks listed vary between 80% and 93% in their coverage. Vodafone and O2 and networks such as TalkMobile and Tesco mobile, seem to be at the bottom of the table in terms of 3G coverage - although they still offer substantial 3g coverage*. However,  the everything everywhere group which includes Orange and T-Mobile, in addition to the Three network, have 93% 3g coverage.

The best mobile coverage and the best network reception will ultimately depend on where you live. That is why it is important to first check the coverage maps or click on a logo at the bottom of this page before being tied into a long-term mobile phone contract. Some users may find that O2 has the best network coverage in their area, others will say that Vodafone has the best network coverage in my area. However, coverage is always being improved and when 4g networks are launched, 4g coverage in the UK will vary greatly. The best coverage is likely to be seen in big cities such as London due to the shear market potential for network providers and the number of customers that can be reached from one mast.

As a mobile network provider, one mast in a remote part of Scotland or in a the Scottish highlands will not be accessible to a mast in Glasgow for example. Therefore, city dwellers are usually guaranteed best coverage although if you live on a big hill or underground, your network coverage will vary and may not be the best in that area. Hence, it is always worth checking before buying. Of course, if you are not happy with the network coveage in your area, you can always call the company and ask them to cancel the contract within the first few days of your contract.


*please note that coverage may have been improved and we are not responsible for any outdated or inaccurate data written on this website


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