Posted by admin on April 23, 2012 is the the new three store  and has a new design, a new interface and a new functional layout. The 3 store or Store 3 has three main tabs - Discover, Store and Support. There is also a tab called My3 account with a great big Hello on the home page.  The store page is subdomained as but the link also works.

It's a friendly site but seems a little bland before you hover on the tabs and the site doesn't seem to sales focussed, it's not in your face so to say. However, when the tabs are hovered upon, it does become a bit too much.

With the new site, rumours suggest that credit checks on the 3 Mobile site seem to have become more stringent. 3 Mobile seems to love hovering,  on there are very beautiful actually is the Apps page on the Discover tab. Once question which is raised however, is this: Why are there so many full stops on the site? There seems to be a full stop after everything, even the tabs, the title bar and every label on the site. Even the small Terms and Conditions link on the bottom left of the site has a full stop at the end. It may seem like an old-fashioned and a really simple, under-thought branding technique. However, it works surpisingly well and look quite sleek. Good on you Three Mobile.

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