Three Coverage Checker

Check Three Mobile Coverage in your area. Make sure you check whether three network coverage provides a strong three mobile coverage or 3G and 4G coverage where you are. You can use the three coverage checker or the three coverage map.

We have links for the three coverage checker for both the 2G and 3G and 4g network.


Three Mobile Network Mobile Coverage

About 3 Mobile (Three Mobile)

Three Mobile network is a major mobile phone network that operates globally. They have the biggest 3G Network in the UK and are said to have the best 3G speed. A bonus with switching to Three Mobile is that they give you get unlimited free Skype-to-Skype calls, meaning you can speak to people across the globe for absolutely free through Skype on your mobile. Look below for tips on how to strengthen overall three mobile network coverage.

To find out percentage mobile coverage of this network, please go to our dedicated coverage page.

Overall Three Mobile Phone Coverage

Three coverage has significantly improved in the coming years. 3 mobile coverage and 3 network coverage. In the last 3 years three coverage has increased by 3%. 3 also have the capability to include various networking programmes with their contracts such as Skype and MSN. All of this is tends to be included in the price and uses the same three mobile coverage and three network coverage as the internet would do. Use the 3 coverage checker above to see how good 3 coverage is in your area and if there are 3 coverage problems in your area.

Three mobile coverage depends very much on where you located. Some highlands have weaker mobile coverage but 3 mobile give consumers advice on how to increase their mobile network coverage:

1) Sitting near a window might increase three mobile reception and give you better three mobile signal

2) Different rooms may have different wall thickness and hence different rooms may have stronger three signal  

3) Simply switching your phone off and then on again can reset the three network coverage and three network status

4) Three network coverage can decrease in rural areas, so people living in valleys may find they have weaker three mobile reception

5) Three coverage can vary indoor and outdoor. Three coverage may differ outdoor than the Three mobile signal you experience indoors. Three network coverage would follow the same pattern 

There were many three mobile reception problems and signal problems but signal coverage is no longer a problem with 3 mobile. Three mobile coverage review has improved considerably over the years and over the last few months 3 mobile network status has been much stronger because of more masts inserted across the country which in turn has further increased the thee mobile network review. 3 coverage is better has it can now pick up signal from a choice of over 10,000 masts and by the end of the year, 3 mobile aim to further increase their 3 network coverage by inserting 3,000 more masts across the country. 

Free 3 Mobile Sim Cards

You can claim an absolutely FREE 3 Sim Card. All you do is fill in the address you want the free 3 sim card to be sent to. It's a fantastic way to trial run a specific network in your area ands ee its signal strenth where you live before you commit to a contract. 

Order your FREE 3 Sim Cards

Most networks offer FREE Sim Cards at no cost whatsoever. Check out our Free Sim Card page for more information.

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