Unlimited Mobile Broadband Deals

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Network         Monthly CostData AllowanceContract
Extra Details 
t-mob.png £10 Unlimited

18 Months

Subject to 1GB Fair Usage Policy 
No charge for over-use

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o2.png £10 1GB
+Unlimited Wifi

30 Days

Unlimited WiFi and £10.20 Dongle

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£15 Unlimited 18 Months  Subject to 10GB Fair Usage Policy 
No charge for over-use
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3.png £15.99 15GB 24 Months Very fast - 
  • Up 40% faster than previous dongles
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3.png £15.99 15GB 18 Months 1GB WiFi with Free USB Dongle Go>>
vod.png £25 1GB 24 Months Free Laptop - Acer Aspire D257 HD Netbook Go >>
3.png £31 15GB 24 Months Samsung RV515 Laptop available with this contract Go>>

Unlimited mobile broadband deals?

Whilst the thought of getting a truly unlimited mobile broadband deal is fantastic, the truth is, truly unlimited mobile broadband deals are very difficult to get. Unlimited mobile data is divided into 2 parts; unlimited browsing and unlimited downloads. It due to the lack of a unlimited mobile data plan in the market with unlimited downloads, that makes it hard get a truly mobile broadband unlimited package. It is possible to get an unlimited mobile broadband plan that gives unlimited browsing, but no providers offers an unlimited mobile data plan than includes unlimited mobile downloads. The closest match to truly unlimited mobile broadband is offered by T-Mobile, who do not charge extra if you go over your allowance and hence you could possible use unlimited mobile data, with being charged an extra penny.

Because of the fair use policy of the most providers, Ofcom have prevented companies from offering an unlimited mobile internet dongle with their unlimited mobile internet plans. However, it is possible to get mobile broadband offers, which provide sufficient high data limits for you to use the internet as if you had unlimited mobile internet. 

T-Mobile and Three Mobile provide the most generous unlimited mobile internet deals with unlimited browsing and data allowances of upto 15GB (that's bigger than most home internet connections!). Our team of experts have compared the best unlimited mobile broadband deals from across the UK and they have been compared in the above table. Most people don't even use 15GB but say if you do, then you can always to a WiFi network in order to get unlimited wireless internet.

Best unlimited mobile broadband deals

It is difficult to find the best unlimited mobile internet deals because there are many unlimited mobile broadband offers in the market. When our experts were searching for the unlimited mobile broadband internet offers, a number of factors had to be considered for example, the actual data allowance, how much would be charged if overused and reliability of service. The above table compares the best and cheapest unlimited mobile broadband deals in the UK by our team of industry experts who have over 10 years experience. We suggest that our customers go with T-Mobile or Three mobile for their mobile broadband unlimited options due to their strong service and reliability; you don't want to buy a mobile broadband unlimited package to find you have no signal in your area. Regardless of how reliable the company, we always suggest that our customers check the network coverage in their area before they confirm any purchase. Network coverage strength can be checked using our dedication 3G Coverage Checker.

If you have a unlimited mobile internet, it does not mean you cannot connect to the WiFi. In fact most people connect to the WiFi using the mobile broadband device (depending on the device) and from that they can get unlimited wireless internet too. The above tables are continuously refreshed to show our customers the best unlimited mobile data plans available. Rest assured that you will get latest and most reliable information from MobileCoverage.net  so compare the deals from the table above, purchse your deal and enjoy unlimited mobile internet. The purchase is made directly with the network provider so that you have no issues with your mobile broadband unlimited package; you can pay using their secure payment system and receive their customer service help too whenever you need.

Best Unlimited Mobile Broadband Deal


- £10 a month
- Unlimited Browsing
- 1GB Download

- No charges for over-use

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Top Three Mobile Broadband

Allowance Network Extras Cost Buy 
5GB 3.png Free Dongle £15.99


15GB 3.png Free MiFi Device £18.99 Go>>
 15GB 3.png Free Dongle £20.99 Go>>
 15GB 3.png Free Dongle, LAPTOP (£69) £26.20  Go>>
 15GB 3.png Free Dongle, LAPTOP (£99) £31 Go>>

Top T-Mobile Deals

Allowance Network Extras Cost Buy 
Unlimited t-mob.png Free 1GB Dongle £10


Unlimited t-mob.png Free 10GB Dongle £15 Go>>
Unlimited t-mob.png Free 10GB Wireless Pointer £15  Go>>
PAYG t-mob.png Wireless Pointer - £40 + £10 top up £0  Go>>
PAYG t-mob.png Dongle - £10 + £10 top up £0  Go>>

Deals With Free Laptop

Allowance Network Extras Cost Buy 
1GB vod.png Free Acer D257 £25 


15GB 3.png Free Apple iPad 2 £25  Go>>
15GB 3.png Free Samsung NC110 £26 Go>>
1GB vod.png Free Acer D255 £30  Go>>
15GB 3.png Free Samsung RV515 £31  Go>>

Best Mobile Broadband Network

Before you confirm any purchase, it's wise to check the mobile broadband coverage checker where you are. You don't want to enter a contract only to find that you're finding it difficult to connect. We've dedicated a page just so you can easily check how strong the 3G mobile broadband signal is in your area.


Unlimited internet dongle

Unlimited internet dongle is also known as unlimited 3G dongle. This is the device that the network operators provide which is plugged into your laptop/computer and inside it there is a chip that monitors usage. As previously mentioned, no network provides an unlimited data dongle, however many operators like T-Mobile and Three offer upto 15GB data which is a substantial amount. Because 15GB is a high amount, many operators may refer to such dongle as an unlimited data dongle but do read the small print to ensure you know the exact fair use policy. T-Mobile is decent if you want an unlimited internet dongle because if you do exceed the fair use policy, you don't get charged at all. What's more, you can continue to browse/download too but the service is capped during peak hours - during off peak hours you can quite literally use it as an unlimited data dongle and browse/download as much as you like. If you don't trust the network coverage checkers with regards to signal in your area, you can find out the signal you'll receive when you purchase the unlimited 3G dongle by looking at the mobile phone reception with that network in your area, if the mobile reception is good then the chances are that the coverage with the unlimited 3G dongle will be quite decent too. The reason for this is that the unlimited 3G dongle uses the same network as the mobile reception; it's just that for the unlimited internet dongle, 3G reception is used whereas to make phone calls, 2G reception is used.

What can you do with 1GB Data?

Send 1000 Outlook/HTML emails
Browse for 10 hours
Download 5, 4 minute long videos 
Download 32, 4 mintues long songs

What can you do with 5GB Data? 

Send 5000 Outlook/HTML emails
Browse for 50 hours
Download 25, 4 minute long videos 
Download 160, 4 mintues long songs

What can you do with 10GB Data?

Send 10,000 Outlook/HTML emails
Browse for 100 hours
Download 50, 4 minute long videos 
Download 320, 4 mintues long songs